Thursday, December 14, 2017

Postcard #1960 -USA

My 2nd card was sent from the USA. It's a lotus pattern embroidery from the Victoria & Albert museum from around 1875. The card has 1 moon stamp on the back. It took 9 days to get here and traveled 1,550 km.

Postcard #1959 - GERMANY

I got 2 postcards today. The first is from Germany and shows the Meersburg Castle on Lake Constance. There are 2 stamps on the back of a flower and a winter scene. The card took 9 days to get here and traveled 4,501 km.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sent Postcard #2029 - MALAYSIA

I am sending a postcard to a boy in Malaysia. I thought he would like this fishing card.

Sent Postcard #2028 - GERMANY

My next card is going to a man in Germany. He likes funny cards so I'll send him this parody card.

Sent Postcard #2027 - RUSSIA

I am sending my next card to a woman in Russia. She likes all types of cards and also photography so I thought I would send her this pre-paid photo card.

Sent Postcard #2026 - BELARUS

I am sending a postcard to a woman in Belarus. She likes all kinds of cards so I will send her this one from Peggy's Cove.

1965th Postcard Registered

The postcard I sent to Indonesia reached its destination in 24 days after traveling 15,450 km.