Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introduction to Postcrossing

Today I joined Postcrossing. Basically it's a website that connects people all over the world through postcards. You can sign up for free and request to send a real postcard in the mail to someone. Once that person has received the postcard you are then eligible to receive a postcard from another random Postcrossing user. It's that simple! You will receive as many postcards as you send out so it is up to you to decide how many postcards you want to get. There are a few rules to follow and you can read about those on the Postcrossing website.

I had heard about Postcrossing about a year ago but I was recently reintroduced to it and I thought it would be a fun hobby. I love to travel, I am a photographer and I always buy postcards when I travel so this seemed  to be right up my alley.  I'm looking forward to receiving my first postcard. I will be scanning all postcards I send and receive to share here on my journal.

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