Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sent Postcard #1889 - ESTONIA

My next postcard is going to a man in Estonia. He likes teddy bears (and is a teddy bear artist) and this is the closest I have to a teddy bear card.

Sent Postcard #1888 - NETHERLANDS

I am sending this postcard of Peggy's Cove to a man in The Netherlands who listed boats among his favourites.

Sent Postcard #1887 - USA

My next postcard is going to a woman in North Dakota, USA. She likes scenes from the sender's town, so I will send her this one of St. John's harbour.

Sent Postcard #1886 - GERMANY

I am sending this Manatee card to a woman in Germany. She likes cows but I don't have a postcard of cows. However, manatees are known as sea cows so I hope she likes it.

Sent Postcard #1885 - RUSSIA

Wow, I haven't sent a postcard in a long time! This postcard is going to a woman in Russia. She likes lighthouses so I'll send her this card of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.